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“It is the health that is the real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver”- M.K.Gandhi

Since 1947, India has made eminent advancements in the medical management system. But with the greatest regret, we disclose that healthcare facilities are not reaching efficiently poor sections of society. The rural or even slum areas in urban surroundings do not get proper health aid and in some of these areas, it is not at all available.

Talking about Bihar, The healthcare services here are ailing which was easily noticeable during COVID-19. According to estimates from NITI Ayog, among 28 Indian states, Bihar's health ranking dropped from 22 to 25 between 2017–18 and 2019–20. The state’s performance in achieving zero hunger is also deficient.

Not only does availability and accessibility matter, but the affordability of healthcare is also a major problem for impoverished people. The pandemic reduced India's middle class by 32 million people and pushed 75 million people into poverty.

A fast study conducted in 18 districts of Bihar by the National Coalition of Civil Society Organizations to evaluate the accessibility of basic health services during the lockdown period turned up some alarming statistics, according to an article in "The Indian Express". There were 16 under-fives who died during the two months of lockdown.


The main objective of BNF for the project ‘Health Aid to the Poor’ is to make healthcare available to everyone.

Intended Beneficiaries

 This project will be beneficial for the women and girls who belong to the economically underprivileged segment of society who are native of Bihar and reside in Bihar but don’t get proper healthcare.

Financial Support Proposal

This project will initially set to target of 50 people which will be increased by 10% every month on the availability of finances. It is estimated that the average assistance to each beneficiary is 10 Thousand, so for 50 people, it would be 5 Lakhs initially, which includes consultation with doctors, Proper Treatment, surgery, hospital beds, medicines, and other things related.