About us

It is more difficult to give money away

Besides most NGOs in Bihar are operating in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, BNF is a foundation, established in January 2022, to serve the people of Bihar in areas of poverty and education. The main motive of this foundation is to work in areas of education, environment sustainability and contemporary social problems solving.

Although Bihar is a historical state, it is still a poverty-stricken state and is considered one of East India’s backward states. As per the data from ‘The Hindu’, 51.91% of the population in Bihar is poor. And according to ‘The Times of India’ the literacy rate of Bihar is 70.9%. Not only these two, but there are also many other social and environmental issues which are mushroomed in Bihar, and the main objective of BNF is to find those issues and benefit the people who are suffering.

Our Mission

It is more difficult to give money away

“Correcting destiny’s inequalities, incrementally”

The quote written above means ending the problems which came along with destiny. Yes, BNF is working to erase destiny’s inequalities and to create opportunities you should not pass up to brighten your future .This foundation helps make you tryst with your destiny to rise and shine.

“To BNF, we love you and respect you, yours truly: the unequals”

Our mission is to earn your love and respect by serving you. And to empower people to achieve environmental health and justice by preventing and reducing contemporary social problems and building green, healthy, and sustainable communitites.

This foundation mainly focuses on the areas of interest that are ignored by others, feeling that this ignorance is detrimental for the society.