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‘Food, the Medium of life’

For every human being, food is one of the basic necessities, in fact, it stands first among all basic needs—food, clothing, and shelter. It shapes our existence in every aspect.

On the one hand, food is easily available stuff for many people and they are not even concerned about the production and process of food because of its easy availability to them, but on the other hand, it is a dream for many people to get this vital part of human existence daily.

Imagine what it would feel like sleeping hungry!

When it comes to Bihar, the report of  NITI Ayog in 2021 shows that over 50% of the population in Bihar is multi-dimensionally poor. Data Union Ministry of Health and family shows that nearly 44% of the children in Bihar are underweight and malnourished. According to a report in ‘The Times of India’, Bihar ranked 74th on Global Hunger Index in 2013. The situation has improved but still many people in Bihar are not fortunate to get even staple food.


The main objective of BNF for the project ‘Food Distribution for the Hungry’ is to provide free food to needy people because food is a basic right of everyone.

Intended Beneficiaries

This project will be beneficial for the native people of Bihar who live in Bihar but are not fortunate enough to get proper food.